Thursday, May 06, 2010

Slingbox & the Convergence of TV and the Internet

This video from a Hawai'i news segment features a demo of Slingbox. Way back in 2005, a group pf students did a marketing analysis of Slingbox and I've been watching the evolution of the technology ever since.

The concept is straightforward. The Slingbox takes signal from your home and "slings" it to wherever you are using the web or mobile web. From what I recall, the idea was spawned from Stanford grads on a business trip wanting to watch a game overseas. So, they developed technology to use the Internet to make this happen. The technology behind the Slingbox is open source and is pretty sophisticated with the ability to detect changes in connection speeds and adjust on the fly.

This got me thinking of the opportunities for the semantic web and the increased convergence of our everyday technologies. What I'd like to see are ways users can legally share snippets or vidcaps of what they are watching {via Slingbox} by purchasing a bundle of rights. So, if you have a blog and wanted a 3 second clip of something, you can buy the rights to do so. The user gets to express identity and foster creativity through remixing media and the IP right holder gets exposure, some compensation for a new market, and the opportunity to sell the full media offering through a link or an inline ad {although I don't like these}. The idea of a simple editing interface that allows users to create video snippets and publish them would be brilliant. The data behind all of this would be invaluable.

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Twitterversion:: Video demo of #Slingbox gives me thoughts on the future convergence of TV & Internet & remix culture redefining IP. @Prof_K

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