Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Speech-to-Text {STT} on iPhone & Android

This is a demo of a speech-to-text {STT} app available for the iPhone. I find this technology interesting, but I see room for improvement with the interface. This blogger made the observation that one needs to speak in a robotic voice and that dictation isn't seamless, as the app copies the text to the clipboard for pasting into text or e-mail. Currently, the app developer, Dragon, only has products for Apple and Blackberry.

On the other hand, Google's Android has voice recognition built-in with an interface/API. How good it is is another matter. In my opinion, this brings up an interesting question about the user experience. One of the projects I'm working on is providing sets of features that are a void on the iPhone platform, 1.2-1.3. The challenge is making the user experience seamless and I don't think 1.4 will help us achieve that. We have yet to tackle the Android side of this, which should be interesting. Here's a demo of speech-to-text in Android without any additional apps. I'm thinking that an app could take voice-to MMS or e-mail seamless.

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Twitterversion:: Speech-to-text {STT} demo on iPhone {Dragon} & Android {built-in} shows opps for more a more seamless user experience. @Prof_K

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