Sunday, May 09, 2010

Taxi 0-22 :: The TVA Québec Version Gandolfini Hopes to Adapt for HBO

image:: Taxi 0-22 logo

So, news is that Tony Soprano {James Gandolfini} is in the early stages of developing the Québec TVA show, Taxi 0-22 for the US market, which if picked up would air on HBO.

My French is horrible these days, but it was great seeing Patrick Huard {Anglophones may recognize him as David Bouchard from Bon Cop, Bad Cop} playing the fast-talking Montréal cabbie in these clips::

Song:: Malajube-'La Russe'

Twitterversion:: Clips from TVA Québec version of Taxi 0-22, which James Gandolfini hopes to adapt for HBO. @Prof_K

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