Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toronto's Gardiner Expressway :: Foreshadowing Eventual Closure

image:: Toronto traffic on Lake Shore Boulevard eastbound at Jarvis near massive Loblaws, 16 May 2010

 I recently did a post about the future of the crumbling Gardiner Expressway in Toronto. The expressway was closed last weekend and while the Globe and Mail reported on increased traffic and cars overheating in the summery weather, what I'm interested in is how worse was traffic and what the economic impact was. While that information could be considered meaningless, as it's a one-off, a single data point that perhaps people have planned around, it looks like there will more opportunities to gauge freeway constriction::
"Motorists can look forward to further closings and restrictions over the next several weeks: From Monday to June 11, the Gardiner will be restricted to two lanes in both directions near Jameson Street in the west end; eastbound collector lanes will be closed from Kipling to Park Lawn Monday and Saturday.  
The Gardiner will be closed overnight June 12 and 13, and drivers have been warned to expect “delays and closures” from June 21 to 28, in the days immediately before and after the G20 descends on Toronto."
I thought Lake Shore Boulevard would be a parking lot, given a Jays home game and great weather. When I went by in the mid/late afternoon, I was surprised to see traffic moving. Front, Richmond, Adelaide, Queen, Dundas, and Gerrard all seemed to be moving. Bloor is hopeless these days—everyday.

Here's a clip that FreewayBrent uploaded of footage of a trip along the length of the Gardiner.

I'm still contemplating what the Gardiner/Lake Shore corridor would look like if it were turned into a boulevard, akin to San Francisco's decommissioning of of earthquake-damaged freeways. I'll be posting my thoughts and conceptualizations in the future, drawing upon ideas in Great Streets.

Twitterversion:: [blog] #Toronto's Gardiner Expressway closures may foreshadow life after "boulevarding" the crumbling behemoth. @Prof_K

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