Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wanda Sykes' Next Steps?

image:: Wanda Sykes, from morningbounce

I'm watching The Wanda Sykes Show on the Buffalo Fox affiliate here in Toronto. The ratings started out strong, but slipped over time and the show was cancelled last week. I was hoping the show would make it, but I'm not surprised given Fox's history and the ratings expectations of the major broadcasting networks. I thought she was hilarious on The Larry David Show when she accused Larry of having a racist dog that hated black people. 
"You got a clan dog.  Looking at me like I'm a fucking T-bone."
Unfortunately, the clips have been taken off of YouTube. Takedowns are killing YouTube. Well, killing my experience.

Here's a clip from November from her show with a bit on Tiger Woods::

My take? Well, I'm sure her people are probably talking to TNT, who now have Conan and George Lopez. I personally think the talk show genre is pretty stale and I'm not that interested in seeing "stars", but rather see interesting characters. I liked the panel on her show that talked about current issues and the stronger sketch comedy bits. With a bit of tinkering, I think Wanda could be a nice complement to the TNT arsenal—hopefully doing better than the standard fare of The Office or Friends reruns.

Song:: Yu Miyake-'Wanda Wanda'

Twitterversion:: [blog] Watching #WandaSykes makes me think about her possible next steps after being cancelled on Fox late night. @Prof_K

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