Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to the Dahl House :: BBC2 Cooking Star Sophie Dahl & Social Media Criticism

image:: Sophie Dahl, Telegraph-UK
My blogging about the UK election took me to various UK news sites and blogs. While "Sack Kay Burley" was raging as a meme, I came across one story that BBC Two's The Delicious Miss Dahl did get sacked, ostensibly for low ratings. Dahl is an ex-model {here's a BBC story on her banned YSL Opium billboard ad}, known for being the exception to the heroin-chic rule, fashion journalist, and cooking author, who is trying to position herself as a cooking star, a move fraught with danger, given how the genre of "celebrity chefs" invokes ridicule. It's also tough that she's post-Nigella Lawson, who also had the reputation for being sexy.
Here are two clips from her show. Click through to see them on YouTube, where many of the comments are particularly savage::

While part of the "sell" is this prim sexiness {after all she warns that too much rose water could remind one of a bordello, which she says isn't romantic at all}, and this may seem like an oxymoron, I find the backlash against her to be interesting. I'm sure her perceived sexiness, demeanour, and her prior career tend to rub some people the wrong way. These clips didn't irk me at face value, but I felt like this was part of a formula. I wonder if with a different approach and soft scripting, if The Delicious Miss Dahl could have found an audience. The title of the show would be the first to go, in my book.

Here in Canada we have Laura Calder, who is in that "attractive cooking star" ilk {I refuse to coin FILF, à la the Daily Show's NILF}.

Calder studied cooking in Vancouver, which may be giving her legitimacy in the eyes of critics and audiences.

You know who I want to see. Dave Thomas as The Cruisin' Gourmet from the classic CCCP 1 episode::

I miss SCTV.

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Twitterversion:: Sophie Dahl on BBC2 may be close to getting sacked fr.her cooking show & gets harsh criticism in social media. Justified? @Prof_K

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