Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Wha'ppen? ATT & iPhone MMS from E-mail

A while back, I blogged about MMS not going through on AT&T from e-mails sent from Rogers/Toronto {cable internet} to a north Chicagoland iPhone. Web-client e-mails {Yahoo & gMail} went through just fine, but IMAP/POP messages were getting bounced.

This is part of some testing we are doing regarding MMS and the iPhone. Customer service at AT&T, while very friendly as per usual, wasn't any help. It sounds like MMS has issues, as I found the above discussion about VoIP failures, where .WAV files weren't getting through. This was also to be part of our testing, so this isn't very heartening. Using this address format::
the emails were bounced using IMAP/POP from Rogers/Toronto Internet, as well as from a US proxy IP, to north Chicagoland and northern California.

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