Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Is iPad?

The new iPad ad {via TUAW} is more "in your face" than the feel-good lifestyle ad that premiered during the Oscars::

MacWorld is quick to point out that the new ad evokes the "What Is Newton?" ad from the 90s::

I think the new iPad ad is doing a decent job of trying to sell the mass market. While I've been critical of iPad and have a "wait-and-see" attitude towards its success based on the availability of content and apps that suit its form factor, the ad helps to frame what it can do. The trick part in my mind with the ads is that balancing act between being too "high concept" evoking a lifestyle and too pedestrian, focusing on the features.

Song:: Haddaway-'What Is Love?'

Twitterversion:: [blog] New #Apple #iPad ad balanced features & lifestyle branding. Evokes Newton ads from '90s. @Prof_K

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