Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anti-BP Art Spawned by Gulf Oilspill Spewage

This one is via The Huffington Post—a collection of anti-BP art in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

The oilcam is still showing spewage, the CEO needs a muzzle, Obama is trying to get claims paid faster and is addressing the nation on the disaster as I type this, BP is under fire on Capitol Hill, UK-US relations are strained by media hype over angry rhetoric flowing both ways, and the company may do just fine in the long run, despite all of this. The impact? We'll see how Obama's meeting with BP goes tomorrow, but public sentiment may be reaching an anti-corporate tipping point, as cynicism increases due to the Big Recession and what is perceived to be the corporation as a far from benign institution.

Song:: The Tragically Hip-'Nautical Disaster'

Twitterversion:: [blog+link] HuffPo compilation of anti-BP art & compilation of BP's headaches. @Prof_K

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linnyqat said...

Ha! Nautical Disaster! Nice.