Friday, June 04, 2010

The Last of the Insane Salesmen...

In the 80s, local LA radio and TV were full of commercials with crazy stereo salesmen. Even back then, I was an insomniac and holidays and summer meant the glow of the TV on in the wee hours. I remember Crazy Gideon in the 1990s and was saddened to hear the store went out of business in January. The owner, Gideon Kotzer, is retiring and the warehouse will be turned into a mixed-use development in synch. with the local art community::
"It's a professional auction. Everything must go–– the good, bad, and ugly––to make room for new events...We are changing the space so the neighborhood can hold new events. It will become working and exhibit space for artists. There are not enough places for artists to work. We will do whatever it takes."
Here in Toronto, I'm stuck with Russell Oliver and his cash for gold song and dance, which just isn't the same as watching insane electronics spiels...

Song:: Yellowcard-'Life of a Salesman'

Twitterversion::[blog] Late night LA TV commercial icon retired & is making way for a new dwntwn LA. Here in #Toronto I'm stuck w/Cash Man @Prof_K

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