Monday, June 14, 2010

Living in a Storage Unit? :: Toronto Architecture

image:: Roncesvalles Lofts, via urbantoronto

This project was featured on urbantoronto and one commentor likened it to a storage unit place. Interestingly, that's one of the reasons I liked it. In fact, I wish it looked more industrial, which to me is the point of loft living.

A few years back, I had a sublet loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that was a great space on the edge on an industrial area::

Right across the street was a scrap metal yard and towards the East River looked like brownfield lots. I liked how the building wasn't gentrified and the neighbourhood was a tad on the gritty side, but what I liked the most how the interior space was repurposed, not gutted, and still had the feel of the factory floor—bare light bulbs and all.

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Twitterversion:: @Urban_Toronto feat. Roncesvalles Lofts that a commentor compared to a storage unit, which is why I like it. #rhizomicon @Prof_K

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Christopher James said...

While I love the idea of living in a loft, I think that a self storage unit might be an unfair comparison. You don't quite get the high ceilings and open concept that you would get in a self storage unit that you would get in an apartment unless you're paying QUITE the premium...