Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mapping Those Kodak Moments :: Geotagged Flickr Photo Maps

image:: geotagged Flickr photos for NYC, SF, Chicago, & Toronto {L-R}

This Tweet by Felix Salmon tipped me off to this map series by Eric Fischer based on Flickr tag data. He used blue to depict photos by "locals" and red by "tourists"::
"Blue points on the map are pictures taken by locals (people who have taken pictures in this city dated over a range of a month or more).  Red points are pictures taken by tourists (people who seem to be a local of a different city and who took pictures in this city for less than a month).  Yellow points are pictures where it can't be determined whether or not the photographer was a tourist (because they haven't taken pictures anywhere for over a month). They are probably tourists but might just not post many pictures at all."
In the spirit of Learning from Las Vegas, here's Sin City::

Here's Toronto::

It dawned on me recently that after a while, the term Kodak moments won't have any meaning, particularly for those born after 1995 or so. Maybe Outkast can do another song with a film photography reference and sample Paul Simon?

Song:: Hem-'The City and the Traveler'

Twitterversion:: [blog] Mapping Those Kodak Moments :: Geotagged Flickr Photo Maps via @felixsalmon #rhizomicon  @Prof_K

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