Monday, June 07, 2010

newmusicmonday #46 :: Wintersleep

I've been ignoring the Maritimes, so I'm glad I got around to including Wintersleep {MySpace, CBCr3} on a Newmusicmonday, whose "Archeaologists" was featured on this blog about the moose at Cow Bay.

It's also nice to feature a band with a harder-edged sount than most of the selections, but Wintersleep can switch up the gears. The Haligonian band is far from obscure and have four albums under their belt and are currently on tour in the US {currently in the Midwest and heading to the West coast, before returning to the Southeast and NYC}.

Their current album, 'New Inheritors', was just released a few weeks ago, along with the single "Black Camera." Here's a live performance of "Black Camera" from late last year::

Here's "Fog" from the 2007 'untitled', animated and directed by Mirco Chin::

I must admit I'm more of a fan of their live performances than their music videos, which miss some of their energy. Here's a video for "Weighty Ghost"::

Here are some selected songs, with several from the latest album::

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