Monday, June 14, 2010

newmusicmonday #47 :: The Living Deadbeats

image:: The Living Deadbeats, MySpaceMusic

This week's newmusicmonday features The Living Deadbeats {CBCr3, ReverbNation, GaragePunk} from East Van on Dirty Water Digital. The band consists of Lindsay Kasting/vox, Dirty Swagger/guitar, Pete Fiend/bass, and Nadja/drums. Tuneful garage punk 'n' roll with grrrl attitude reminds us all of great things happening in the Vancouver scene. Here's a live version of "Hey Girl/Liar Liar" and "Alone" from a charity benefit out in Surrey last year::

Here's three from the 'Hey Girl' EP release party, including "Living Deadbeats theme song", "Stumble", and "Time"::

Definitely check out the 9 tracks on their CBC Radio3 page. One of my favourite tracks is a live version of "Apathy" on their MySpace page.

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