Monday, June 21, 2010

newmusicmonday #48 :: Crystal Castles

image:: CC, from MySpaceMusic

This week's newmusicmonday features Ontario's Crystal Castles {MySpaceCBCr3, wiki}, who will be on tour shortly and hitting the festival circuit. They have a mid-August date at Koolhaus here in Toronto. I'm not always into techno, but the lo-fi approach of the duo {Ethan Kath & Alice Glass} draws me in. Here's a video for "Crimewave" from a few years back::

and a live version of "Baptism" from last summer that captures Alice's energy::

In the same vein is "Courtship Dating"::

The player has a mix of their stuff, including "Celestica" from the recent album released last month 'Crystal Castles' or sometimes referred to as 'Crystal Castles II', given their first album has the same name. The name is from the cartoon and line of toys, She-Ra.

Twitterversion:: [blog+ ♫ +videos] #newmusicmonday features low-fi techno Crystal Castles from Ontario. new album & upcoming tour dates. @Prof_K

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