Monday, June 28, 2010

newmusicmonday #49 :: Screaming Females

image:: Screaming Females, live at Lee's Palace, Toronto, G20 Weekend.
L to R, Marissa, Jarrett, & King Mike, photo:: Kenneth M. Kambara

While the city of Toronto was under the thumb of the G20 security and the media was having a field day with the "so-called violence" {some say that the "story" was so much spin orchestrated by the police} {hat tip:: Chuck Raymond}, Ted Leo {hat tip:: LinnyQat} came to town with Screaming Females {MySpace} at Lee's Palace on Saturday. Screaming Females also hail from New Jersey like Ted Leo and I'm really disappointed I only got to see the last two songs from their set. I found this video on YouTube as a great intro to the New Brunswick-based band::

This great clip from the above video of the band covering MJ, no, not Miranda July, in what seemingly appears to be a wardrobe closet is great stuff. 

I love the DIY punk spirit of this band that doesn't compromise. There's a punk energy here with a tunefulness bound together with this being a labour of artistry. If you click on any of these videos, definitely click on "Boyfriend" below {from their 2007 self-released "What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V?"} The fantastic guitarwork, great lyrics and vocals, and raw energy give you a glimpse of the talent here and what a great live band they are::

These other tracks aren't chopped liver. Here's two from 'Power Move' on Don Giovanni Records::


"Adult Army"

Finally, here's a video on the band going into the studio to record this fall's forthcoming album::

Check out their blog, which has great entries chronicling how their van broke down on tour, and here's their discography. Like I said, I just saw the last 2 songs in their set, but the whole show was great. I'll post a blog on Ted Leo and the Pharmacists later in the week, after I try to clean up the video. I've posted an excerpt of Ted Leo doing a solo cover of "So It Goes" during the encore on Tumblr.

Twitterversion:: [blog] #newmusicmonday feat. NJ-based Screaming Females w/DIY punk style/sound. Saw end of set in #G20 #Toronto {w/@TedLeo}. @Prof_K

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