Monday, June 07, 2010

The Shores of Lake Simulacrum :: Stephen Harper's Fake Lake

image:: rendering of fake lake, ostensibly with Muskoka chairs & ersatz canoes made from pressboard, Toronto Star

The Harper government can't seem to manage their perceptions at all these days, but it's not as if it matters for them politically these days, given the polls with both the Tories and Grits languishing and the fact that the Tories enjoy more than a bit of a teflon effect. The $2M "fake lake" at the Direct Energy Centre for the G20 Summit isn't helping, along with other expenditures deemed excessive by some. It may be a good thing that there's BP bringing down the curve in the PR sweepstakes, but excessive spending during summits being held to address the world's financial woes isn't the brightest move. According to the Toronto Star::
"Dogged by the worst deficit in Canadian history, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is throwing around money it doesn’t have on summits in Huntsville and Toronto that are ironically devoted to coming to grips with huge government debt."
While the story will have its day on Twitter as a trending topic, I'm sure it will fade away and not register in the political zeitgeist after a week or so.

Song:: Radiohead-'Fake Plastic Trees'

Twitterversion:: [blog] PM Harper's reputation as a fiscal spendthrift increasing w/ #FakeLake {trending topic}, but will anything stick?  @Prof_K

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