Thursday, June 17, 2010


image:: soccer fans in South Africa tooting their vuvuzelas,

Dubbed as the 12th. man, the drone of the vuvuzelas has been ubiquitous at the FIFA World Cup 2010, explained by this story by Al JezeeraEnglish::

The horns are capable of blaring at 130 decibels, 30 over the human pain threshold. This story on Yahoo outlines the controversy, but I don't see it getting banned and I tend to view noise, even at an earsplitting 130 db, as part of the game.

Update {18 June 2010, 8:24a EDT}:: I just saw a Wired tweet on the Virtual Vuvuzela ::

the Virtual Vuvuzela site describes and features apps {including Facebook} that mimic the horn in question, including a $0.99 version for the iPhone. Here's the QR code  for the Android version::

There's a free version floating around on the iTunes store, but the reviews say it's not LOUD enough.

Song:: Gebroeders Ko-'Vuvuzela' Video link {opens in new window}

Twitterversion:: [blog] Earsplitting vuvuzelas at WC 2010 capable of blaring at 130 db. Calls for banning them, but I don't see it happening. @Prof_K

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