Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Videos :: Lloyd Cole & the Commotions

image :: screencap of page listing tracks from forthcoming Lloyd Cole album, 'Broken Record'

Samples are available on the 'Broken Record' page of Lloyd Cole's site. I'm looking forward to this album. The last one {non-compilation} was 'Antidepressant' {2006}, which I played quite a bit, but left in California. Ironically, I briefly dated someone on heavy-duty antidepressants at that time and it all ended rather predictably {not that I'm the sanest person} and given Lloyd's penchant for songs about failed relationships, quite apropos.

It's been six years since I've seen Lloyd Cole live, the last time was 2004 in San Francisco. Lloyd Cole's music always reminds me of northern California, since I've played his stuff on many a road trip up there, starting with 'Rattlesnakes' with the Commotions in the 80s and his solo stuff in the 90s. He always does a great show and in 2002 he had a marathon session at The Great American Music Hall with an intermission. On one of his shows, he parodied his own vocal style from his days with the Commotions, which was quite funny.

Here's a live version in Germany of "Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?", which is the final track on 'Rattlesnakes' {1984}::

Fellow Scots, Camera Obscura, responded in 2006 with 'Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken'::

Here's another track from 'Rattlesnakes' is "Forest Fire"::

and "Lost Weekend" from 'Easy Pieces'::

My two favourite tracks from 'Easy Pieces' are "Rich" and "Grace"::

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G-Souto said...

Just beautiful!! Lloyd presented the acoustic version of "Broken Record" at Casa da Musica, Portugal, tonight!
His Small Ensemble was perfect too!
Three fantastic guitar players and Lloyd's lyrics always so poetic!