Monday, July 12, 2010

newmusicmonday #51 :: The Bad Moods

image :: The Bad Moods poster for first show, MySpaceMusic

This week's newmusicmonday features Ontario pop punk outfit The Bad Moods {CBCR3}. There's something infectious about the gravelly vocals and guitarwork that goes beyond the three-chord punk stereotype. I don't know much about the band more than is on the MySpace & CBCr3 links above, but I think they're on to something with their sound. Click below to hear tracks from their MySpaceMusic profile.

click on the above image to open MySpace Music profile and player

I think the recently recorded "{You Give Me} Heart Attack" is a great song and definitely worth a listen. The perfect pick-me-up for a Monday morning. There are two upcoming shows. While not quite the "calibre" of Meatloaf at the GM Centre, they have upcoming shows in the 'Schwa {23 July} and Pickering {31 July}.

If I find out more about this band, I might post a follow-up.

Twitterversion:: #newmusicmonday featuring Ontario punk band, The Bad Moods. Upcoming dates in the 'Schwa & Pickering. @Prof_K

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