Friday, July 16, 2010

Web 2.0 Wayback Machine & Friday Night Videos :: Martha & the Muffins/M&M

image :: Martha & the Muffins LP jacket for 'Metro Music', featuring a portion of a map of Toronto

While looking for designs of Peter Saville {here's an earlier blog on him I did last year}, I stumbled across this 1980 LP cover for Martha and the Muffins for 'Metro Music' {on Virgin/Dindisc} and the import compilation 'Faraway in Time' {1987}, both of which contain "Echo Beach"::

I must admit I wasn't that into their 1984 hit "Black Stations/White Stations" when it first came out, but it sort of grew on me. It might have been the video::

"Black Stations/White Stations" was banned by many US radio stations for its "controversial" content or basically calling out the radio stations::

"A voice inside my car told me today
there was a song of love they would not play
She was black, He was white
A voice inside my car told me today

Black stations, White stations break down the doors
stand up and face the music, this is 1984
Black stations, White stations feet on the floor

dance on the ceiling with us, this is 1984, Ha!"

Their 1984 'Mystery Walk' album was co-produced by Daniel Lanois and featured both band names, Martha & the Muffins and M&M. When in Ontario, the latter doesn't remind me of those candies but meats::

which also contained the single "Cooling the Medium"::

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