Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blue Is Back:: Smarties Commercial in Canada

I've been seeing this commercial here in Toronto a lot lately, featuring a talking blue cat and a product tie-in with a win a Apple's MacbookPro contest. The longer 30" spot doesn't have the MacbookPro contest tie-in, but ends on the humourous note when the guy reaches over to pet the blue cat, who ducks his had and says, "No touching."

Here's the French 15" spot::

While a bit offbeat, I find the ads to be effective. The blue cat {looks like a colorised British Blue} reinforces the message that blue Smarties have returned. The funny accent is memorable and the Mac is mentioned twice and Apple logo is prominently featured in the ad.

Song:: Cat Power-"Blue"

Twitterversion:: [videos] Smarties "Blue Is Back" spots in English & French featuring talking blue cat. Longer 30" spot in English. @Prof_K

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