Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Guilty Pleasure :: Spetters {1980}

I saw this in 1987 in an art house theatre in LA. Oldschool Verhoeven the year that Robocop came out, another guilty pleasure.

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Spetters is graphic and flawed, nihilistic in a way that grabs a hold of late adolescent angst. The term "spetters" is an outdated word for "hunk". There's also talk of a triple entendre. It also relates to the splatters referring to the chipfat from the stall of Renée Soutendijk's character, as well as a human bodily fluid.

The plot is thin and follows the various exploits of small town characters with dreams of escaping their humdrum existence. In the current era of filmmakers like Gaspar Noe, Lukas Moodysson, and von Trier, the shock value of this 30 year old film doesn't pack the same punch.

I recall the blurb I read in '87 saying the film caused a stit and Wikipedia says it was protested in the Netherlands because of its portrayals of gays, Christians, cops, and the media, so, given that, I'm sure this is something Matt Stone/Trey Parker have seen. Nevertheless, in spite of any protests and its rawness, it was a hit. It also features a bit part by Rutger Hauer.

Song:: The Smiths-'William, It Was Really Nothing'

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