Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Memes :: McNugget Melee Released as Public Record

This video is making the rounds after it was released as a public record::

It's a McDonald's security tape from Toledo, OH, showing an irate customer attacking employees because McNuggets weren't available at 6:30AM. The video is from New Year's Day and the 24 year old customer was sentenced to 60 days in jail for vandalism.  It appears she threw a beer bottle that went through the drive-thru window.

While the video is good for a momentary LOL, what are the long-term implications of the ubiquity of data that documents a past, but a past that may be devoid of context or a past that has no bearing on the present? The Internet allows for a transparency never before realized, in terms of speed and ease of documenting and sharing information. Nevertheless, the implications of this are to show how indeed privacy is dead, given the ease of reproduction and transmission of digital media. Will we get to a point where we are desensitized to so-called skeletons in one's closet and not care if someone did something stupid when they were 24 or had a sex blog.

Song:: Screaching Weasel-"Message in a Beer Bottle"

Twitterversion:: [blog] New memeworthy McNuggets rampage video released as public record, but what are implications of such transparency?   @Prof_K

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