Monday, August 02, 2010

newmusicmonday #54 :: Money in the Banana Stand

image :: Money in the Banana Stand, via Media.Locals

Genreart folk punk
MembersSteve Brown (Vocals/Guitar),Joel Young (Guitar/Vocals), James Jabbour (Bass/Vocals), Chase MacDonald (Drums)
CityCharlottetown, PE, Canada
Recent Release'There's Always' [purchase]


This week's newmusicmonday features a Charlottetown, PEI punk band, Money in the Banana Stand. I barely got the cultural reference to an Arrested Development episode, since I hardly saw any episodes. There's 12 songs on the CBCr3 link full of upbeat melodic punk with great lyrics that some might say are more in line with an art rock indie band full of literary references. Songs like "Ghengis Khan Wouldn't Shop at Wal*Mart" are hallmarks of their lyrical style and while the bellowy vocals on some tracks might take some getting used to, the overall experience isn't a harsh one. The tracks clock in around the 2 minute mark and the tracks fly by.

Plus, you got to love a band with a pay-what-you-want option {on Bandcamp}::
"When you go to download this, it will ask you to name a price. Don't feel like a douche for entering $0, we just wanted to have the option to pay if you do decide that you would like to."
Twitterversion:: [blog] #newmusicmonday features melodic art folk punk from the Maritimes w/PEI-based Money in the Banana Stand. @Prof_K

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