Monday, August 09, 2010

newmusicmonday #55::Bishop Morocco

image :: Bishop Morocco, from MySpaceMusic

Genrealt technopop
MembersFairmont, Jim Sayce
CityToronto, ON, Canada
Recent Release'Bishop Morocco' HDD009 1 June 2010 [purchase]

This week's newmusicmonday features a Toronto technopop band, Bishop Morocco. This is a band that could have been on Factory Records in the 80s. The duo takes elements of UK techno and the Madchester sound, mixing them with synth sensibilities of New Order and a hint of instrumentation from Durutti Column, but with a decidedly pop edge. The band is on Toronto-based Hand Drawn Dracula with stablemates which have been featured on newmusicmonday over the past year:: #8 Julie Fader & #46 Wintersleep.

Here's a video for "Last Year's Disco Guitars" that captures their somber sound that avoids drifting into droning dreariness::

Here's a great quote from Sayce from Now Magazine::
“It sounds like two old friends who went to a rainy city with a drum machine and guitars and made some depressing music.” 
while Fairmont {Jake Fairley} states::
“We had different ideas about what the band might be that got scrapped...We actually thought we might do some country, but that didn’t really work.”
I'm hoping it's safe to infer that the band will be continually experimenting with new sounds and ideas in the future.

There's a few tracks on MySpace and CBCr3, including a Holy Fuck remix of "Last Year's Disco Guitars" on MySpace.

Twitterversion:: [blog] #newmusicmonday features alt techno pop of #Toronto's Bishop Morocco. Upcoming show at Parts & Labour, 28Aug $7. @Prof_K

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