Monday, August 16, 2010

newmusicmonday #56:: Library Voices

image:: Library Voices, from MySpaceMusic

Genreart pop
MembersMichael Dawson (Synths, Organ, Theremin, Misc. Noises, Guitar);
Carl Johnson
Vocals, Guitar);
Mike Thievin 
(Drums & Percussion);
Karla Miller 
(Synths, Vocals);
Eoin Hickey-Cameron
(Bass, Acoustic Guitar);
Amanda Scandrett 
(Glockenspiel, Melodion, Vocals);
Paul Gutheil 
(Tenor saxophone, Trumpet, Vocals, Tambourine);
Brennan Ross 
(Guitar, Vocals)
CityRegina, SK, Canada
Recent Release'Denim on Denim' on Young Souls [purchase]

This week's newmusicmonday features a Regina, SK pop collective, Library Voices. The band blends styles from over the decades with a multitude of instruments, but the emphasis is on easy like Sunday morning.

Library Voices - Drinking Games (music video) from Young Soul on Vimeo.

This late 2008 CityTV article on the band details a bit of their background and early notoriety, opening up for BSS and The Weakerthans, having the chops to  pull off a strong live presence. This recent Now article, before their NxNE show in June, has a quote by Michael Dawson on their motivation::
“Our motivation to play in a band came from growing up going to shows and supporting indie music, so it’s reaffirming to see other fans and musicians doing the same on our behalf. It reminds us why we got into it in the first place, and why we spend so much money each year on our little hobby.”
They formed in the spring of 2008 and was receiving buzz for their 'Hunting Ghosts' EP. The band {with their current motto being, "Pop as fuck!", are known for smart, introspective lyrics and with an accessibile sound {infectious at times} is bound to make waves.

There are 11 tracks on the CBCr3 link above that show off their range. Two of my favourite tracks, "Insider Trading {On Outsider Art}" and "Party Like It's 2012" evoke The Kinks circa 1977. Every so often a few bars of carnival music creep in. "Hunting Ghosts" reminds me of my other fave "library indie" band, Minneapolis' The Owls. I have a suspicion that if this band were located in Brooklyn they would be Pitchfork's next big thing, particularly when listening to tracks like "The Lonely Projectionist" and "Model City". Unfortunately, I missed them at NxNE and there are no upcoming tour dates.

Twitterversion:: [blog + video] This week's #newmusicmonday is @LibraryVoices, indie pop from Regina, SK w/ sound crosses decades & styles.  @Prof_K

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