Monday, August 30, 2010

newmusicmonday #58::Kestrels

image:: Kestrels, MySpaceMusic by Riley Pearson
Genreindie rock
MembersChad Peck, guitar/vocals
Paul Brown
Kirstan Moore, bass
CityHalifax, NS Canada
Recent Release'Primary Colours' album {2009} and "The Light" 7" single {2010} on Noyse [streamed samplesstore]
"What Happens" {2010} streamed on The {29 Aug 10}

This week's newmusicmonday features a Halifax indie rock band, Kestrels, which got a shout-out on AUX this weekend. Kestrels have melody and harmony, but didn't forget the guitars. I was hoping to put some selected tracks on a player, but nothing's on Groovehark. There's plenty of music to sample though on CBCr3 and MySpace, as well as on their website {links above}. Here's a live version of "Our Velocity" from Gus' Pub in Halifax on 5 March.

There's an energy to their sound and I'm looking forward to checking them out live, although tour dates are forthcoming, according to a MySpace blog entry last month. I saw they had a date with DD/MM/YYYY {CBCr3} earlier this year, a band I was considering for a new musicmonday but their sound on a cursory listen made me feel like I was having an epileptic fit. I'll try to give them another listen in the future.

Kestrels might have a feel-good pop sound, particularly on tracks like "Seaside", but some tracks like "Primary Colours", ''The Light", and "I Am the Cancer" bring in the guitars and fuzzfactor reminiscent of Jesus and Mary Chain and are my favourites. Tracks like "On Our Time" seamlessly bridge that middle ground.

Twitterversion:: [blog] #newmusicmonday feat. Kestrels {@kestrelshfx}. Indie rock w/pop hooks fr. HFX. Looking fwd to seeing them live. @Prof_K


Chad said...

woah - thanks!

new 7" is at the pressing plant and should be out late september.


manofparadox said...

Dear Comrade: Maybe Halifax is the new hotbed and I'm wise to make it the city of my destiny? Never mind the 10 foot snowfalls- the better to keep my Popov cold!

Thank you for your excellent writings. I'm enjoying them muchly!


Kenneth M. Kambara said...

@Chad:: Great! Love the music!
@manofparadox/yuri:: Well, Halifax may have the snowfall, but unlike the 'Ront, they're ready for it. Here's w good old Mel Lastman dealt with the the blizzard of '99...calling out the army. Yes, a Halifax trip is in order. Perhaps an homage to The Trailer Park Boys, including a trip to King of Donair!