Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Happens in the States Stays in the States?:: Gordo & Fordo

images:: mugshots of Rob Ford-Toronto Councillor & Gordon Campbell-BC Premier

I'm not sure what the deal is with Canadian politicians getting popped for DUIs in the US other than a case of conservatives gone wild. BC Premier, Gordon Campbell, got into some DUI hot water in Hawai'i in '03 and Rob Ford has his run-in with the law in Florida in 1999. Personally, I'm not at all interested in a politicians' private life. One could say that transgressions are a proxy for character, but maybe a politician with character is a luxury in these days of diminished expectations.

I'm not sure why Rob Ford danced around his trouble with the law down south. Wouldn't the true renegade response regarding getting caught in his stories of what went down with his arrest be: "F*ck if I remember what happened. I was drunk and high."

An earlier Ipsos poll had Rob Ford opening up a lead against George Smitherman {32%-21%}, but an Angus Reid poll has Ford's lead close to the margin of error {42%-36%}. The same pattern is holding true with the suburbs supporting Ford and the downtown core supporting Smitherman. The undecideds in both polls are in the 20s. In the Angus poll, the top issues throughout the city are::
  • Public transportation (21%)
  • Municipal funding, services and powers (19%)
  • Government spending (16%)
The priorities are similar in the suburbs and the core, although spending is top-of-mind with Ford supporters, while transportation is for Smitherman supporters.

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Twitterversion:: [blog] Rob Ford DUI PR Fail.Wouldn't the true renegade response be,"F*ck if I remember what happened. I was drunk & high!" @Prof_K

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