Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ad Campaign:: Keeping the TTC Public

I just saw an ad advocating keeping the TTC public and voting along those lines in the mayoral election here in Toronto. The ads are from the Public Transit Coalition, consisting of Toronto Environmental Alliance, the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 113, and community activists, which states it doesn't endorse ant one candidate. The only major candidate not advocating at least public-private transit partnerships is Joe Pantalone.

Group spokesman Franz Hartman, said in the Toronto Sun::
“In London, they set up a private-public partnership to operate the London Underground. It was a financial disaster, which the two latest London mayors both acknowledged...The [Toronto] (mayoral) candidates may not use the phrase ‘privatization,’ but public-private partnership is privatizing, outsourcing is privatizing. Those ideas have been put on the table.”

The Public Transit Coalition has a YouTube channel that has longer videos advocating for keeping the TTC as a public enterprise.

The TTC may not be perfect, but let's get some things straight. Privatization or public-private ventures will only be good as the organizations involved and the problems of resource-constrained actions within a dysfunctional planning trajectory won't be going away. One of the main problems of the GTA is its sprawl and the lack of a transit infrastructure that's cost efficient on a per-ride basis. I'm sure some see privatization as a way to shake up the existing power dynamic involving the City and the union, but what I know about institutional logics is that adding private enterprise into the mix without addressing the root problems will add costs and reduce service.

Twitterversion:: [blog+video] New ad campaign "Keep TTC Public" advocates voting for Toronto mayor on the basis of a public enterprise TTC. @Prof_K


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Here is a link to the longer video:

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Thanks for posting the link to the longer video.