Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meg Whitman Scrambling for the "Buy It Now" Button

Republican billionaire Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, broke the record for personal spending on a campaign at $119M. The previous record was held by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who spent $108M on his third-term bid last year.

After a rough primary against Steve Poizner, she blitzed the California airwaves over the summer, while her Democratic rival, Jerry Brown, spent nothing. The result was a slight edge, but the latest Rasmussen poll has the race to be a toss-up. California doesn't have a problem electing Republican governors, but I have a feeling the handful of undecided voters who may well decide this election might be turned off by a total political outsider and ex-CEO doing battle with the California legislature.

Meg's spending is easy fodder. I thought I'd do a bit of Photoshopping for fun, riffing on eBay's "buy it now" feature, but Calitics beat me to it::

It will be quite embarrassing if she loses this election, but I don't think she did enough homework to develop a credible platform to make inroads into moderate and conservative Democratic voter territory.

Twitterversion:: [blog] Meg Whitman Scrambling for Buy It Now Button.Spent $119M on CA gov.race vs @JerryBrown2010 Up only 48-45% in polls. @Prof_K

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