Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Shamwow Auteur:: Part of a LiLo Comeback?

image:: Lindsay Lohan in Underground Comedy 2010, Hollywood News

While Lindsay Lohan's current film, Robert Rodriguez's Machete, dukes it out for first in box office with The American, her forthcoming film with the "Shamwow guy", Vince Shlomi is due out this fall.

Schlomi wrote, starred, and directed Underground Comedy 2010 {an update of his 1999 film}, which is meant to be the paragon of tastelessness and features Lohan dressed like Marilyn Monroe shooting paparazzi, while wearing her court-ordered SCRAM bracelet. Here's the trailer::

In an interview, Vince said she was definitely interested in the cash and that he couldn't get her when he originally shot Underground Comedy about a decade ago. Her people said LiLo isn't desperate and believe in the myth that any publicity is good publicity. I don't think this is bad publicity for her, but reframes her career in light of where she's at these days. Joanna Krupa also signed on to add extra footage to the film, albeit without a SCRAM bracelet.

Song:: Black Flame 13-"Lindsay Lohan"

Twitterversion:: [blog] Machete's doing well & Lindsay Lohan to appear w/Shamwow guy comedy. Comeback for a queen bee or queen of the Bs? @Prof_K

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