Monday, September 20, 2010

Sniff This!

{Hattip:: LQ} The "world's best" cat litter is made from corn. Cat owners are given the opportunity to sniff feline offerings of #1 and it's demonstrated that the product is edible. Ah, but is it truly "green"? One commentor on YouTube cites the shockumentary, King Corn::
"Trust me, the corn they make this stuff out of shouldn't be fed to anyone but they do! Watch the movie king corn and see what sort of crap they grow these days. No one can eat it, until it processed. The cattle they feed it to would die from eating it ,if they weren't slaughtered before that happens. Cat litter is the best use this corn can be! What they need to do is start growing real food again, then the world wouldn't go hungry."
Well, I think it would be interesting to put products to a green test, such as life cycle carbon assessments. As someone who recently lugged a 5 kilo bag of cat sand, this got me thinking of how much less transportation costs would be for corny litter.

Twitterversion:: Sniff This! Corny cat litter riding a green wave of feline #1 & #2. @Prof_K

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