Friday, October 29, 2010

DDoS Attack on RIAA

I've been following the Limewire court saga that's prompted a scheduled attack on RIAA at 4PM EDT  by's /b/ or "anonymous". I've noticed thar it's been the RIAA site has been slow or the connection has been timed out, but that may be due to my WiFi hotspot connection here at UQAT.

The murky areas of "hacktivism" bring up interesting issues of free speech and civil disobedience. It will be interesting to see if corporations and organizations seek tougher penalties for involving hacking and tresspassing versus the more passive virtual "sit-in".

The larger legal issue of the nature of intellectual property and piracy reflects how media models need to shift in terms of value-creation. Protecting IP in this era of infinite reproduction is a losing battle. The consumer/user wants to pay amounts approaching $0, signalling their perceptions of value and piracy activity reveals attitudes towards risk in terms of breaking the law. I think it's time to lower price and redetermine symbolic value {and meaning} of IP content, which is nothing new or even controvertial, unless you're the RIAA and the courts.

Twitterversion:: [tweet] DDoS attack on #RIAA slated at 4EDT by 4chan's /b/. Whose #fail or #facepalm will this turn out to be? @Prof_K

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