Friday, October 01, 2010

newmusicmonday #62:: Grimes

image :: Claire Boucher, via MySpaceMusic

Genregoth pop
MemberClaire Boucher
CityMontréal, QC, Canada
Recent Release

'Geidi Primes' on Arbutus {ABT 007}. Sold out, but free download is available.

I've been insanely busy this week and behind on my blogging, so newmusicmonday is on Friday. There will be blogs on various topics occupying my time, including GIS mapping and Malcolm Gladwell's FTL bomb on social media and social activism. There are two interesting blogs by my colleagues on ThickCulture, José and Don, on Obama and Colbert's congressional débâcle, respectively.

Grimes is Claire Boucher and like last week's Blue Hawaii, Grimes is on Arbutus, hails from la ville marie, and was at Pop Montréal {which goes through the weekend} at the Arbutus showcase. Grimes occupies a dreamy dark goth pop territory that like other descriptions have states is unpretentious, but at the same time has a confidence of identity. Her bio blurb on CBCr3 says she draws upon mediæval chorale and synthpop, which is an accurate description, but do check out the tracks on 'Geidi Primes' and the songs streamed on MySpace, as her songs don't all sound the same.

"Caladon", which is on 'Geidi Primes', quickly grew on me::

 Grimes - Caladan by Arbutus Records 

Here's a video of a live performance at The Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax in June::

Grimes has upcoming tourdates, including an interesting pairing tomorrow in Montréal of local indie artists and "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari" {1920} by Cinequanon at Studio Off Interarts 5143 St Laurent [Laurier Metro]. Later in the month Grimes will be in NYC and Halifax, as well as a 9 November date in Montréal.

Live at The Bus Stop Theatre June 24th 2010

Twitterversion:: [blog+video+audio stream] belated #newmusicmonday features goth pop of #Montreal's Grimes. Playing Cinequanon event @POPMontréal @Prof_K

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