Monday, October 11, 2010

newmusicmonday #64:: The Notes

image:: The Notes, via MySpace Music

Genreshoegaze twee pop
MembersAaron, Sam, & Lauren
CityLondon & London SE, UK
Recent Release 'Introducing The Notes', avail for free download on Bandcamp.
It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, which seems a bit strange for me. Although the 20ºC weather in Toronto yesterday reminded me of many a Thanksgiving in California.

Every so often I get an invite on MySpace from a band and last week I received one from The Notes. The band is an interesting mix of styles, merging elements of twee pop, post punk, and goth, so, while there can be a uptempo sunny side to their music, there's often more than a hint of darker undercurrents. I'm also a fan of how many of their songs clock in at the two minute mark—there's something to be said of a song that gets to the point. The sweet vocals aren't cloying and while the songs are often maudlin, the music isn't about wallowing in a pity party. In my mind, this music speaks to the inner-twentysomething that earnestly yearns with an artistic and literary sensibility.

"Lighthouse, "Summer Love", and "Nineteen" showcase the band's chops with pop sensibilities::

"The Cult of Hopelessness" and "Bourgeois" {video on BleedingGold} evoke early-80s post punk::

Finally, here's a recent song, "Awake", that grew on me after a few listens::

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] #newmusicmonday features The Notes {@thenotesband}— indie shoegaze pop w/postpunk influences @Prof_K

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