Saturday, October 09, 2010

Seven Days Ago...Tales of a Hard {Drive} Recovery

My partition map on my Seagate 500Gb harddrive {installed in winter/spring 2009} was shredded {before it gave up the ghost, there was an invalid sibling link error}, but backups saved the day. It's funny how utter catastrophe helps to force one to get organized. I actually know where stuff is after I recovered files and created some method to the gigabytes and gigabytes of madness.

So, I went about {needlessly} a convoluted and time consuming recovery route {makes me sound like Lindsay Lohan} due to my running Windows XP in VMWare Fusion, but it caused me to learn a few things.
  • Partitioning is my friend. I read that my Macbook {3,1} from late 2007 can only officially handle 250Gb drives and above that people might have problems with partition maps and catalogue b-tree. I didn't bookmark these findings, but I will insert them here if I come across them again. [link to blog post citing that errors may start occurring as a HD fills to 250GB level & counterarguments. My experience was a steady stream of wonky catalogue b-tree issues as the HD filled past the 250 GB mark. I should also say that my system runs hot, particularly if I have a bunch of browser tabs open, running XP, and running SPSS/PASW—a statistics package]. I now have a 500Gb with 3 partitions. One for the system, one for storage, and one with a bootable Snow Leopard install.
  • Tech Tools Deluxe is my friend. It found a bad block on my new drive, so I reformatted and wrote with 0s to isolate it and Tech Tools gave it the green light.
  • Firewire is my friend. Firewire and bootable partitions {one with an archived full system with various software tools like Tech Tools and Data Rescue 2 {which I used to I recover some pics from my digicam that were uploaded after my last backup}.
I think the worst part of this experience, other than waiting for data to transfer, was walking from Yonge/Wellesley to Spadina/College during a downpour. The walk back through U of T wasn't so damp...

Twitterversion:: [blog] notes on a hard {drive} recovery from a  Macbook hd partition map #fail @Prof_K

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