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Camp Factor Punk:: Matt & Kim, Le National, Montréal 30 October 2010

Matt & Kim—Le National, Montréal, QC, Kenneth M. Kambara

I’ve been in Québec all week and it’s been quite a while {August 2006 and August 1992 before that} since I’ve been in la belle province on an extended trip. I saw on Songkick that Matt & Kim were playing at Le National, which prompted me to check out their Twitter account, where I saw this tweet::

I suggested that they incorporate a rendition of the old Habs goal song. Didn't happen. Oh well.

I thought Matt & Kim were featured in an iPod commercial last year, but it was actually a Bacardi commercial featuring the catchy “Daylight” {below}.

Matt & Kim are indeed indie darlings of the Brooklyn scene and get their fair share of buzz and praise. I noticed on that many more users attended the Toronto show the night before at The Phoenix than were planning to attend the show at Le National. I get claustrophobic at shows and get easily annoyed by drunken hipsters angling for a better view, so I thought this might be fun to check out. I saw that The Hoof and the Heel was opening, which was a tipping point for me, but it took me too long to get to the show, so I missed them.

So, after walking in the snow and slush and almost getting run over by a left turner on Mont Royal, I finally made it to Mont Royal Métro. The ticket agent was kind enough to give me a paper towel to wipe off my glasses covered in melted snow without me asking. I emerged at Beaudry, which is almost directly across from Le National, which is a beautiful venue that reminds me of the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco or Great Hall in Toronto.

After I settled in with a blanche, kid-faced Donnis took the stage. Hotlanta rapper who might be on the verge of breaking through. Those uninitiated, like myself, can get caught up here.

Matt & Kim took the stage and the place went nuts. Their brand of high energy dance punk begs to be played loud. So loud the video on my digicam is distorted. Some might say their short songs with keyboards and drums drawing upon the punk genre might seem repetitive to those uninitiated to their catalogue, but Matt & Kim put on such a great live show that even the most armfolded of critics couldn’t help but liking these guys. Kim is a wildwoman on drums with arms flailing and with an obvious fun passion for her craft. Matt is a ham, but I mean that is the best possible way. Their acrobatics and manic energy is infectious and they make it a point to engage the audience—to the point of encouraging stagediving and crowdsurfing. I’m curious if that’s a hallmark of all of their shows or unique to their shows in a more permissive Montréal. Kim made a sly joke when she saw someone crowdsurfing face down that you get a little “extra” when doing that. They also threw balloons out in the crowd and had the audience blow them up and toss them around.

They brought the house down with “Daylight” and ended there. Matt mentioned that they were winding down with the last few songs of the evening, foreshadowing no encore, which is fine with me. I find that ritual a bit silly.

My video's sound was distorted, but I found this posted on YouTube by MTLConcerts of their cover of "Better Off Alone" {Alice Deejay} and "Daylight"::

They're a band definitely worth checking out live.

Twitterversion:: [blog] Review of Matt and Kim's #Montreal show, 30 October 2010 @Prof_K

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