Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Be a Hipster

image:: "The Mission Hipster", graphic spotted in SF in early 2004, 
which establishes my early street cred. on the topic

This video could, no, should be a series. I know someone in Toronto who would be perfect for it, but, let's face it...a video series on hipsters...unhip. I'm pretty sure even if it were ironic, he'd pass.

Coffee, vinyl, quirky style....urban. I think vinyl is key...also the embracing lo-fi and ironically liking things that are stereotypically lowbrow, like PBR and diner fare. I think every hipster should have one signature piece of vinyl that defines their hipsterness. I'm not a hipster, I'm just old...but I think I should start a business lending out some of the accoutrements of my turntable hooked up to a 1984 Akai receiver. Plus, there's my old vinyl pressings of New Order with sleeve designs by Peter Saville. Who could forger FAC 63, AKA, the "Blue Monday" 12" that has cutouts to look like an oldschool 5¼ floppy disk and a a black inner sleeve that resembled the magnetic disk itself? Geek hipster chic. This one has a clear inner sleeve. Tsk, tsk::

But, even having this is very hipster.

New Order, like The Smiths, isn't very obscure. So, stuff like Rough Trade's Microdisney might fit the bill. Here's the sleeve for "Birthday Girl" {1985} b/w "Harmony Time" & "Money for the Trams"

I had a bunch of CD longboxes somewhere. Remember those? They were phased out in 1993, so if you started buying CDs after that...remember those?, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. They were cardstock and 12" long, so they could fit in record bins and were harder to shoplift. Mine might have been tossed in a move. I'm thinking that CD longboxes framed as art could also be a hipster décor tip. You can buy some here. I also have a handful of 7"s, but some of those are embarrassing, but might be OK in an ironic way. I seem to recall Taylor Dane and maybe Martika. One of the more recent 7" I have is Julie Doiron and The Wooden Stars and I think there's something by Franz Ferdinand floating around.
Twitterversion:: [blog+video] "How to Be a Hipster" video should be a series. Blog w/ hipster tips not from a hipster, but someone who is just plain old. @Prof_K

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