Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mayor Swap?:: TO Craigslist Ad Wants to Swap Ford for Nenshi

I'm sure Sue-Ann Levy will be clucking over this one after she's done with her Sandra Bussin harangue. Of course, if this were to come to pass, the darn gravy train just might stay AND be turned halal! Not to mention that sharia law will be imposed on Hogtown, sorry, say goodbye to that moniker with an Islamic mayor. Something tells me that Calgary won't bite...although Ford might be happier in a true blue football town.

Democracy be damned...hasn't Harper shown that it's overrated anyway? Let's trade mayors like sports stars...let the free markets be free. So, if Ford can't deliver or realizes his budget cuts cause another embarrassing "Let's call the Army to clear the snow" Lastmanism, Toronto can put him on the trading block...or on waivers. Take him away, 905!

Twitterversion:: [blog] Craigslist ad proposes #Toronto — #Calgary mayor swap! @Prof_K

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