Monday, November 01, 2010

Music & the Ad:: Anjulie & Tide Acti-Lift

This Tide ad, "Closet Raid", has been airing all fall up here in Canada and it has always bugged me, but it's interesting. The mother and daughter are both sexualized {nothing new with that}, with the attractive daughter and the attractive mom who is prone to wearing leather pants and going clubbin' with the Wisteria Lane set. When the daughter is looking for her green shirt, mom denies any knowlegdge, but there's a flashback to mom's night out that resulted in a "dry roasted pepper olive oil" stain and said green shirt being buried in the hamper. I hand it to the restraint of the ad agency's creative team from refraining from using a more Lewinskian vanilla milkshake or the like, but I'm sure someone was pushing for it. Mom covers up her duplicity with Tide Acti-Lift as an accomplice. A perfect rendition of an emerging trope of the mom looking mom-like on the surface, but with "mysterious" and sexy undercurrents.

The comments [also here] bring out all the predictable talk of MILFs, cougars, body weight, and various personal preferences, plus a report of the "outrage" directed at Procter & Gamble {Tide's parent company}::
"My bro, works customer service for P&G and this commercial *censored* off a lot of people. They are getting flooded with calls and emails about it. Mostly old ladies with nothing better to do. They find it inappropriate and immoral bla blah blah..."
There was also talk of the song used, but I also had an inline "ad" tell me it was Anjulie's "Boom", which is also the first suggested video on the right nav and is a great song.

A comment said it was the Mike Rizzo Funk Generation extended remix, much more uptempo than the original.

The ad was dubbed for the Québec market, but nobody's commenting and there are only 152 views, compared to 5,178 for the anglophone version. There's another version on TideVideo's channel {US?} with 1,768 views {posted on 19 October 2010}, where the daughter asks, "Have you seen my green shirt?", as opposed to "Did you borrow my green shirt?"

Twitterversion:: [video+blog] Tide Acti-Lift ad "Closet Raid" w/remix of GTA native Anjulie's "Boom" stirring up talk of MILFs & cougars. @Prof_K

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