Monday, November 08, 2010

newmusicmonday #66:: The Hoof and the Heel

GenreAlt folk
CityMontréal, QC, Canada
Recent ReleaseFireworks EP {20 
July 2010} free streaming & $2 download on bandcamp
Upcoming Tour DatesHorseshoe, Toronto 26 November with Cuff the Duke and Library Voices{NMM#56}.

"Fireworks" video, with some nudity

I blogged about seeing Matt & Kim last Saturday, but missing The Hoof and the Heel. I just found out they will be playing a show here in Toronto a few Fridays from now with Cuff the Duke and Library Voices, the #56 newmusicmonday. The band blends folksy rhythms with a soft indie sound and synthwork with enough snap so its not lullaby music. You can listen to 4 tracks from the 'Fireworks' EP here which exemplifies this. I definitely like their more uptempo stuff and really like this live version of "Fireworks" from this summer in NYC::

"Fireworks" at Piano's, 27 July 2010

Twitterversion:: [blog] Belated #newmusicmonday featuring #Montreal's folk indie The Hoof and the Heel. @Prof_K

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