Tuesday, November 16, 2010

newmusicmonday #69:: PS I Love You

image:: Vancouver, by Steve Louie on MySpace Music
GenreNoise pop

Paul Saulnier {Vocals/Guitar/Pedal Bass}
Benjamin Nelson {Drums/Artwork}
CityKingston, ON, Canada
Upcoming Tour Dates18 December 2010, Caberet Studio-M for Montréal, [full listing]
The band will be playing in Montréal on Thursday and the Eastern seaboard in late November/early December.

This week's newmusicmonday was a tip from Officer M. in Vancouver. Some might appreciate this Pitchfork review of Meet Me at the Muster Station, but you need to winnow the useful from the precious treacle.

Just check out their signature song, "Facelove"::

This is a song that wears its dysfunction on its sleeve unapologetically and the video matches it perfectly. The band captures the best of DIY low-fi of raw, confessional tales. Definitely check out the streamed songs on the CBCRadio3 link above. Give it time to grow on you, if the vocals aren't quite your cup of tea. The sonic craftsmanship is impressive and if you don't listen to "Facelove" more than once, you might be dead inside.

Twitterversion:: [blog] Belated #newmusicmonday on Kingston noisepop band PS I Love You {h/t:: Officer Mazeltov} @Prof_K

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