Monday, November 22, 2010

newmusicmonday #70:: The Balconies

image:: The Balconies, F., MySpace

Genreindie pop
MembersJacquie Neville {guitars, voice}
Liam Jaeger {drums, voice}
Steve Neville {bass, voice}
CityToronto, ON, Canada
Upcoming Tour Dates11 December:: Rivoli, Toronto
17 December:: The Casbah, Hamilton, ON

Guitarwork reminiscent of post-punk UK and the combination of droning and soaring vocals really don't do justice to Toronto's The Balconies. Here's a BlogTO entry where the band compares the Toronto and Ottawa scenes {the band's members are classically trained, studying at the University of Ottawa}. Here's Liam's take on Hogtown versus Bytown::
"I love playing Toronto. I love it because people in Toronto will just go out to check out shows. And once we live in Toronto we can do more GTA tours. Ottawa is just so far from anything. Personally, every time I go back to Toronto there's so much life, and people being creative. In Ottawa, it's so quiet and conservative. Everywhere you go there's someone telling you 'don't do that'. The mood in Ottawa is, as someone described to me, like there's always someone shaking their finger at you."
Ouch. On the other hand, Ottawa can be a supportive community environment::
"It's small. It feels a lot more like a community. In Toronto, no matter how long you've been playing there, there will still be bands that have been working at it for a while, that you've never heard of. Whereas in Ottawa, it's definitely possible to know everybody at once. There won't be more than one good show each night. Maybe, sometimes two things will get booked, but that's really rare."
I saw promos for their Montréal show at Divan Orange with Sandman Viper Command on Facebook wishing I could be there, but saw they have an upcoming show here in the 'Ront.

When I was younger, I'd lament how I thought live music wan't as good as the studio recordings—yeah, boo, hiss, but I was young and probably glommed onto that from someone, but looking back, I think it had more to do with the crappy bands I was seeing back in the day. The Balconies definitely supply an energy to their live shows that transforms their music into an immersive experience. I think it's just a matter of personal taste, but check out this live footage of "Serious Bedtime" and "Lulu"::

Here's the official music video for "Serious Bedtime"::

Here's an andPOPsideB interview from February with the band where they talk about their creative process and how playing live fits into that and you get a sense that the band enjoys playing live and interacting with the audience.

I'll leave you with a live version of "Giant Squid" from Irene's Pub from last year::

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