Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Ontario Beer Hunter:: Mapping Alcohol-Selling Retailers in Toronto

Here in Ontario, I forget that you can't get beer, wine, and spirits in supermarkets like in California. "When in Rome", as Ron Burgundy would say. I found The Ontario Beer Hunter that maps the locales of the Beer Store, LCBO, the Wine Rack, Vineyards Estate, and indie retailers, as well as letting you know if they're open or not.

It doesn't look like it uses feeds, as it has the old hours for the local LCBO at the Manulife Centre., which is {gasp} closed. C'est la vie. 

At any rate, looks like The Beer Store on Church is still open and the big LCBO up in Summerhill is open until 10. There's a pull down menu for other areas than just the 'Ront.

Twitterversion:: [blog] The Ontario Beer Hunter mappings of locations of open beer, wine, & spirits establishments in #Toronto. @Prof_K

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