Saturday, November 27, 2010


image:: snow in Toronto, 27 November 2010

Snow is still a novelty for me, as in California you went to the snow, it didn't come to you. One of my favourite memories is walking up Yonge St. in Toronto a few years back when it started snowing heavily. The traffic thinned out and narrowed to 2 lanes, with drivers being extra cautious. This morning flurries gave way to brilliant sunshine, which is fine by me.

My first snow of the year was up in Val d'Or, QC, right before Halloween.

image:: Forestel, Val d'Or, QC

This morning, I started reading up on the Trans Labrador Highway {now completed from Baie Comeau, QC to Blanc-Sablon, QC, via Labrador City, Churchill Falls, & Cartwright}. While this looks charming, despite the ominous warning::

This doesn't::

image:: Trans Labrador Highway, Winter 2008, Advrider

On another note, I'm wondering what Toronto's snow removal budget will look like under Rob Ford. 

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