Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola for Stella Artois

Update {28 November 2010}:: Those looking for the new "Ice Lounge" Stella ads w/ "12 Jours de Noël" or "Deck the Halls" are in luck. Click here.

I've only seen this once here in Canada and I don't remember if it was in Toronto or in Montréal. It's a clever execution, but I didn't know it was co-directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. I may be one of the few people who saw, let alone liked Roman's CQ {2001}::

I recall seeing it in a nearly empty theatre on Shattuck in Berkeley way back in June of 2002. There was a thirtysomething woman sitting alone nearby laughing out loud at all the right places, but it dawned on me a bit too late to ask her out for a drink. I cringe as I write this, but in "How I Met Your Mother" lingo, in those days, I could be more of a Ted than a Barney. Anyway.

The ad blends Roman's impeccable sense of the late 60s and Wes's love of detail, gadgetry, and nerdcool. The agency, Mother, came up with the story, which is the weakest part of the ad, in my opinion, and Wes and Roman executed it. The story isn't that bad, but it's not that compelling for a 60 second spot. I just wonder what Ronan and Wes could have come up with.

Stella is positioned in North America {US & Canada} as a premium Belgian import and has a hipster following. I love how AdAge describes "hipsters with money"::
"Jorn Socquet, global brand director for Stella Artois and Beck's at A-B InBev, describes the target demographic as "unisex" consumers who are well-educated, have slightly higher income and value ambition. To appeal to that audience, the brewer brought in two directors with bona fide indie credentials and a knack for creating distinct worlds."
Oh, and guess what? Don Draper would have hated this ad. Why? If you think about it, he's not a hipster and it isn't his element...he's a poseur chasing the American dream. That goes for Peggy too.

Twitterversion:: [blog+video] Roman Coppola & Wes Anderson co-direct ad for Stella Artois evoking late 60s French cool @Prof_K

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Kenneth M. Kambara said...

There have been searches leading to my blog for the new Stella ad featuring "Les Douze Jours de Noel", which has been airing in Canada. I'll post it as soon as I find it & have more info. on it & who does the version of the song.