Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Murdochville, QC

image:: Downtown Murdochville, QC, Daniel Silverman, To Gaspé and Back

I've never been further east in Canada than Sutton, Québec in the Eastern Townships/Cantons de l'est, but I hope to remedy that this year. I've been hoping to get out to the Gaspé and also have been eyeing the Trans-Labrador Highway. Reading up on recent Québec history has made me want to visit places like Thetford Mines {I might pass on the mine tour} and Murdochville, sites of labour struggles in the province.

I've been reading up on the FLQ and the writings of its onetime philosopher, Pierre Vallières. As an aside, here'a a link to an Archives de Radio-Canada video on Vallières, which would make the Toronto Sun staff livid, given their reaction to the coverage of the 40 year anniversary of the October Crisis. Oh, where's Sue-Ann Levy to call the felquistes, felchistes or something of that ilk, but that might be too clever for her. I digress.
Vaillières was politically motivated as a reaction to Maurice Duplessis and his dealings with labour unions and strikes in Asbestos and Murdochville. The 1957 Murdochville strike lasted for 7 months, with Duplessis working to disallow union formation by the United Steel Workers of America. The USWA was thwarted and wouldn't represent the workers until 1965, when the labour code was changed.

The mines at Murdochville closed in 2002 and the town is trying to reinvent itself and getting into wind power.

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