Monday, December 13, 2010

newmusicmonday #73:: Lux

image:: Lux, MySpace Music

GenreShoegaze indie noise fuzzpop
MembersDavid {Vocals, Guitar, Noise, Synth, Beats}
Leah {Vocals, Synth, Guitar, Beats, Noise}

CitySeattle, WA, US




'Disorders 1.5'
I don't know why, but I've been known to get into noisy fuzzpop this time of year. This seattle duo is definitely worth checking out, if that's your bag. There's plenty of tracks for listening on the ReverbNation, MySpace, Facebook, & Bandcamp links above. I love how they have the pay what you want philosophy on Bandcamp. The haunting vocals, fuzzy noise, and machine gun drumming of "Out of Love" on 'Disorders 1.5' makes it one of my favourite tracks of theirs::

Leah did a great remix of of Montreal's "Famine Affair" [of M official video], which is part of a SoundCloud remix contest .

 Famine Affair (Luxy Little Leah Mix) by LeahLux

Their bio is simple and to the point::
"David was looking for a gal to start a band with. Leah was looking for a guy to start a band with. They had never met, but through a twist of fate and a turn of unexpected events, one found the other. Within days they exchanged a number of recordings and had their first practice, and discovered that their musical styles fit together like Bonnie and Clyde. Thus Lux was formed."
If I were stuck in the 80s, which I'm not, I'd say there were homages to Kraftwerk, early Orchestral Manœuvres, Jesus and Mary Chain, and Siouxie, but that would just be so much pretentious name-dropping without noting anything really obscure. It doesn't look like Pitchfork has written about them, yet—I have a feeling they will, so I'll leave it to them to rattle off the name of bands Lux sounds like that precious few have heard of.

"Candylux" on Disorders Part I is another gem with an infectious chorus of "Candy Luxembourg..." Their October single, "I'll Try to Ignore the Fact That You're Drowning" draws you in with its pop hooks, but surrounds you with a psycho-psychecholia that makes you feel you've gotten into more than you bargained for. In other words, great stuff.

I'll leave you with "Little Cripple", fusing sweet vocals amidst all kinds of disturbances, sonic and otherwise::

Twitterversion:: [blog+music streams] #newmusicmonday featuring the shoegaze indie noisepop of Seattle's Lux. @Prof_K

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