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newmusicmonday #75:: Chinatown

tournage du video d Apprendre à Danser (Toronto, avril 2009)

image:: Chinatown, MySpace

Genrefrancophone indie
MembersPierre-Alain Faucon (vocals/keyboards)
Félix Dyotte (vocals/guitar)
Toby Cayouette (bass)
Gabriel Rousseau (drums)
Julien Fargo (guitar/vocals). 

CityMontréal, QC, Canada
AlbumCité d'or [BoutiqueTacca], streams & lyrics




       last.fm #2

Fans of The Stills might be familiar with "Retour à Vega", which was penned by Faucon and Dyotte and featured on the Wicker Park {2004} soundtrack. Chinatown, taking their name from the 1974 Roman Polanski film, can trace their roots back to the ska ancestors of The Stills, The Undercovers.

A good intro to the band is on the CBCr3 link above with 4 tracks from their 2009 Cité d'or. Two more tracks can be heard on MySpace, "Perdre son temps" and "Du jazz avec l'apocalypse". The following two videos are also from that album::

One of my favourite tracks is the more somber and minimalist "L'automne" {stream/lyrics}, which might be indicative of the mood I'm in.

This is indie pop that definitely influenced by that Montréal—Williamsburg/Brooklyn mind meld. Their sound is catchy and at times evokes the retrocinematic like The Last Shadow Puppets, but with a far more subtle stance. It looks like the band is in the studio, so I'm hoping for new music later in the year and I'm also hoping they can crossover into the anglophone market.

I'll leave you with a live performance on the top of a car after a concert in Fribourg, Swizerland from last June::

CHINATOWN à Fribourg (SUISSE) from Mat Motion on Vimeo.

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